History of Delta Kappa Theta

Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity, Inc. is an organization that strives for the development of fellowship, leadership, and scholarship, through the socializing influence of fraternal brotherhood. Delta Kappa Theta is a self contained group or chapter as it is called which achieves its primary goal through the activities and events it sponsors. The home of the men of D.K. is a former Sisson mansion located at 53 Elm St. in Potsdam. N.Y. The house serves as the center for all activities, both social and fraternal. The Fraternity fosters the development of responsibility, leadership, and most importantly brotherhood, the basis of our organization.

  1. Delta Kappa Theta is an incorporated fraternity with benefits and protection under the law.
  2. Belonging to a former statewide fraternity gives each individual member an opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow fraternal brothers located in other parts of the state.
  3. Delta Kappa was an old and established organization with many traditions which Delta Kappa Theta still carries on.
  4. Belonging to Delta Kappa Theta affords the opportunity to its members of increasing their participation in college sponsored activities.
  5. Chapters are self contained and free to establish policies and procedures compatible with local conditions.
  6. Enduring friendships and brotherhood are synonymous with membership in Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity.


Delta Kappa was originally founded under the name Kappa Kappa Kappa at the State Teachers College, in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1920 by five men who constituted almost the entire male enrollment at the time. Expansion took place rather rapidly and by 1930 there were six active chapters located at State Colleges. During that year the Fraternity was nationalized under the corporate laws of the State of New York. The delegates to the 1936 convention elected to reincorporate Kappa Kappa Kappa, also referred to as Tri-Kappa, under a new name because of the possible mistaken identification with the unpopular Ku Klux Klan. That Incorporation was completed in 1937 and the organization became known as Delta Kappa. The original Tri-Kappa symbolism was maintained by the employment of the Greek letter Delta which signifies three. World War II cause the entire fraternity to go inactive, but in 1946 the returning reactivated Delta Kappa and it continued to grow. A ban was issued in 1953 by the State of New York, that forced all N.Y. D.K. chapters to disband from the national fraternity. The national, having lost most of its chapters due to the ban, reincorporated in Wisconsin and eventually merged with and became part of Sigma Pi National Fraternity.


Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity was originally a local Fraternity called Sigma Sigma Sigma, or Tri-Sigma. WWII caused Tri-Sig to disband. After the war the returning brothers of Tri-Sig formed, Sigma Tau with the intent of joining a National Fraternity. On June 1, 1946 the brothers of Sigma Tau were initiated as charter members of Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Fraternity. When the ban was issued in 1953, barring national fraternities at State Schools, we incorporated under the name Delta Kappa Theta Fraternity.